Brent A. Musat

9801 Stonelake Blvd #1533 Austin, Texas 78759




Seeking a challenging and rewarding position that will fully utilize and advance my hardware and software knowledge.


Work Experience

Applied Materials (contractor) - Austin, Texas (Jun 2004-present) - FEP (Front End Products) Final Tester

        Responsible for testing semiconductor mainframes in a manufacturing environment prior to customer shipment.

        Worked with the customer during final system inspection to answer questions and demonstrate machine operation.

        Tested a variety of semiconductor equipment (Centura 200mm and 300mm platforms, Vantage 300mm) along with various chamber types specializing in thermal processes (RTP, Epi, LPCVD, DPN).

        Troubleshot problem equipment, reported discrepancies, and fixed defective hardware during test cycle.

        Communicated improvements to engineering for more accurate and easier to use testing procedures.


Agere Systems (formerly Lucent Technologies) - Austin, TX (Nov 2000-Nov 2002) - Systems Application Engineer

        Worked in a team of Applications Engineers to support our leading edge network processors (PayloadPlus).

        Learned extensive networking knowledge including: protocols, technology, test equipment, and applications.

        Exchanged emails and conversed with customers on a daily basis to solve issues or problems in a timely manner.

        Responsible for tracking down hardware and software bugs in our chipset and API.

        Communicated directly with Hardware and Software Engineers to gain expert knowledge in specific areas, report problems and bugs, and solve customer issues.

        Programmed our chipset to perform varying degrees of Quality and Class of Service, ATM SARing, IP over ATM, or other customer specific line-rate applications that exhibit traffic management, shaping, and/or policing.

        Worked on our Integrated Development System (IDS) running Linux and VxWorks operating systems.

        Interfaced our chipset with other networking chips such as framers and switch fabrics.


Silicon Metrics Corporation - Austin, Texas (Mar 1999-Nov 2000) - Senior Software Engineer

        Developed and maintained our main product, CellRater, which was used to characterize standard cell libraries.

        Made changes to our Verilog and VHDL cell models and tested SDF compatibility with multiple simulators.

        Integrated Platform Computing's Load Sharing Facility (LSF) into CellRater to allow load-balancing over networks.

        Responsible for fixing and improving power characterization methodology using various SPICE engines to increase the accuracy of calculated cell power usage.

        Used numerous EDA tools including DesignCompiler, Primetime, Verilog-XL, VCS, ModelSim to verify correctness of CellRater's output model formats.


United Space Alliance (formerly Lockheed-Martin) - Houston, Texas (Jun 1996-Mar 1999) - PASS FCOS Developer (Primary Avionics Shuttle Software)

        Developed and maintained the Flight Computer Operating System (FCOS) that runs onboard the Space Shuttle's five AP-101S computers.

        Learned redundant and fault-tolerant computer methodologies needed for life-critical systems.

        Practiced rigid software engineering which achieved our SEI (Software Engineering Institute) Level 5 rating.

        Analyzed errors in the software, assessed risk, and formulated process improvements to prevent future problems.

        Performed extensive software testing on various simulators and on actual NASA hardware.

        Maintained and improved multiple documents.

        Involved in reengineering various Shuttle systems.

        Helped develop analysis tools using current object-oriented design principles.



        Texas A&M University - B.S. in Computer Engineering received June 1996
Specialized Courses: VLSI Circuit Design, Advanced Computer Architecture

        University of Houston at Clear Lake (spring 1997)
Six credit hours of Graduate studies pursuing M.S. in Computer Engineering


Technical Experience

        Networking: TCP/IP, ATM, SONET, Ethernet, MPLS, PPP, etc.

        Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, MySQL, Verilog, VHDL, Pascal, Fortran, Lisp

        Assembly Languages: AP-101S, IBM 370, Motorola 68040, x86, Cray Y-MP

        Operating Systems: Unix (Solaris, Linux), VxWorks, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP & DOS, TSO

        Software/Packages: RCS, Clearcase, LSF, various EDA tools, Adobe Photoshop